Wednesday, January 18, 2017

School Visit - January 18,2017

I am in Moshi right now for our annual Rudisha Foundation Celebration. This year is going to be one of the most exciting as we were fortunate enough to raise the funds for the Rudisha Safari Adventure. I am so grateful, beyond words, for the generosity from those who donated funds to make my wish come true - to be able to take the children on their fist safari! Our "big day" is on the 21st of January - I am very excited and so are the children. Keep following my blog for photos of our safari!!

I wanted to share a few photos from the first school visit in 2017 for Rudisha Foundation. This morning Martha and I had a visit and tour at Ebenezer English Medium Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary School. It is the fist year attending Ebenezer for Loveness and Gidion Njiro and we are excited for them as it is a wonderful school. A big thanks to their sponsors for the support which allows them to attend a great school. English is spoken all the time (except for Swahili class, of course). Walking around the school grounds with the Academic Master we heard a lot of children singing their lessons. The school has great energy all around! As all the students were busy learning, we didn't go into the classrooms because it causes a "BIG" distraction when a "mzungu" walks in with a camera!

The buses used for the kids who live further from school. 

"Speak English" signs are all around the school grounds - even the teachers must speak English to each other. 

Computer lab 

Certain mornings the children do their marching parade in this area, drumming and singing - note the beautiful back-drop of Mount Kilimanajro's Mawenzi and Uhuru peaks! 

Meal hall 

The cooks hard at work, preparing for lunch


Loveness and Gidion

Each morning the students do their multiplications - in English!

Martha with the Academic Master

The view leaving the school drive way - Mount Kilimanjaro's Uhuru Peak, in all it's beauty! 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Tanzania says NO to plastic bags!

In an effort to cut back on pollution, the Tanzanian government has announced that effective January 1st, 2017, plastic grocery bags will be banned across the country. I am curious to see how this plan is going to be implemented and wondering if they will be as strict as their neighbours to the north.

As you enter Kigali International Airport in Rwanda - do not be alarmed if your luggage is searched for plastic bags. Non- biodegradable polythene bags are illegal in Rwanda since 2008, they take this very seriously. 

Having recently visited Rwanda, I did notice a huge difference in plastic bag pollution between the two countries - really - it was like "night and day". During my entire trip I did not see one plastic bag and it really made a big difference in the garbage you see lying around the beautiful roads and villages.

Kudos to Tanzania for wanting to join-in on this great plan to help protect the environment. 

While this change won't really impact anyone coming on safari - if you are planning to visit the country I recommend you bring along your re-usable, recyclable bags - if you plan on doing any local shopping or to pack away your soiled clothes. 

Read more about the recent changes - Tanzania takes a big step (which is very much needed) to ban plastic bags.