Sunday, December 11, 2016

Rudisha Foundation 2016 Updates & Safari Adventure

You may or may not know that besides being a professional travel consultant and travelling the world, I have also created (along with the help of my husband, Moses, and mother-in-law, Martha) the Rudisha Foundation School Sponsorship program. This program has grown to provide 17 children the chance to attend school in and around Moshi, Tanzania - thanks to donations and sponsors from our church, families and friends.

The children have finished school for another year and the holiday break has started.  The new school year will start the second week of January. It was a great year for all of the children in the Rudisha Foundation and Martha has been getting lots of visits these past few weeks as we prepare for the 2017 school year. The children are stopping by to see bibi (grandmother) and have been bringing their reports - which have been excellent marks. They are very thankful for the opportunity to attend school and it definitely shows, congratulations to many who placed top of their class.

Gidion 14 out of 40   Noel 11 out of 57 Julieth 5 out of 36  Abida 3 out of 24 
Hasasni 11 out of 84
  Naomi 5 out of 101 
Lucas 4 out of 64 
great work to all the children!! 
Athumani at class

Elizabeth's super neat printing! 

Julieth's math work
There is always a lot of running around to do, keeping Martha busy with the foundation. Going to this school and that school, paying the following years fees, going with the parents to get the school supplies and new uniforms, to the dusty market for shoes and school bags. She travels up and down the bumpy roads to drop off parents and children, makes cake and tea for their visits and sends me daily emails to keep me in the loop with updates and photos. The parents also express their gratitude over and over for the generosity and the support we and sponsors graciously give to their families.

Sarah & Abida with their teacher, Liberia, at end of school year
"The thank-you's are pouring into my text messages on my phone...from the parents/guardians for the school sweaters, the shoes and the bags that we went and bought.  The uniforms which are at the fundi's for sewing" - Martha

 "I've been asked by Liberia to make sure I come for the graduation at Abida and Sarah's school.  Help to decorate at, then home till 1pm.  She asked me to be rasmin guest (official guest)" - Martha

Thank you note from Gisella, Naomi's mother. 
Translation of above letter  - I am so grateful to you, to enable Naomi to get education, to learn to read, write, math and so many other things. I have a feeling of happiness and so many thanks. Let god bless you more. Thank you very much. 

At the end of November, I went to Moshi and had the pleasure to have eight of the children visit. We had snacks (apples, popcorn and mandazis) and Martha explained how to put together a puzzle while I dumped the bag of puzzle pieces on the table for them - a Map of Canada! They had a lot of fun putting it together.


All of the children in the program have newly updated profiles - check out Rudisha Foundation website and click through each child's photo gallery to witness their growth over the last few years. We have added two new children to the program for the 2017 school year; Loveness and Violet. Welcome to Rudisha Foundation -  we thank your sponsors for their kindness.

The last part of this blog I to want talk about something that I have had on my mind for the last four years, since we started the foundation. For each new school year we have been hosting a celebration of thanks, normally around January or February - a gathering with all of the children, usually at Martha's house. The costs for these parties have been covered from my savings of my birthday and Christmas money and donations from my parents. 

Being a travel consultant, I love helping others explore and see other parts of the world. While I can't really afford to take the children on a "BIG" trip, or to another country, I have had it in my mind that I would like to somehow give them a chance to at least see the their own wildlife, in their own country. A trip outside of Moshi is a big deal for these children!

Arusha National Park is a short drive from Moshi and I have a contact who is able to help me out with the rental of a bus to accommodate all 17 children, a few parents/guardians along with Martha and I. Taking the children to Arusha National Park for a game drive, to see their own wildlife for their first time and a picnic lunch is something I hope we can achieve.  

All of this is a great idea, however, as we all know, not too much in life is free. As all of the donations and sponsorships go directly towards the cost to cover school fees and supplies, uniforms, etc - we are not in a position to dip into the school fund for this Safari Adventure.  My goal is to raise $500 USD, (separately from the school fees fund) to cover the costs for the Rudisha Foundation Safari Adventure for 2017. If this story touches your heart and you find yourself with even $2 dollars to donate towards this cause then we thank you in advance for your help. 

You can help by clicking the below "Donate"  button, or you can send an e-transfer to me, or mail a cheque to my parents (who are in Nova Scotia), they will then deposit the funds to the Rudisha Foundation account - contact Amanda for further details.

I thought I would share this cute video of Sarah. During my recent visit to Martha's I had asked her what she had learned in school that week, and what English does she know? 

Thanks again to ALL who support the Rudisha Foundation. 

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