Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rudisha Foundation Gathering 2016

Each year Martha, Moses and I host a gathering in Moshi for the children in the Rudisha Foundation Sponsorship Program. This year the party was held at Martha's house in Majengo, Moshi and the theme was "relay games". 

We started with annual photos in the garden which we send to the sponsors and update the Rudisha Foundation website - where you can learn how to help this fine group of children. Laughs are always had trying to get everyone to look one way...

The children in the neighbourhood gathered around to watch what these crazy "games' were.  With 14 children in total we did three heats for each game, to make it fair for the little ones. I hope you enjoy my photos, the children had a blast as you can tell - with games they had never experienced before!

 "egg on the spoon"


"water balloons"

all smiles after being soaked...

After the relay games the children washed up and enjoyed a tasty meal of Pilau, veggies and cabbage salad. Thanks to Mama Baraka and Josephine for cooking while we were having fun playing games. 

Before the children left for home we made sure their tummies were really full with cake and ice cream and we distributed the books and toys that my parents bought for the children - thanks Mom & Dad! 

Thank you to those who sponsor and donate funds for school fees for the Rudisha Foundation sponsorship children. 

To learn more about how you can help sponsor children in Tanzania contact Amanda

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