Thursday, February 11, 2016

Rudisha Foundation 2016 School year

Nancy and Martha
Rudisha Foundation is happy to have had their first graduate of the program. Nancy Mmary graduated form four in December 2015. She is the first of the fifteen children in the Rudisha Foundation School Sponsorship Program to graduate.
Congratulations Nancy! 

Rudisha Foundation sponsors children in primary (standard 1-7) and secondary school (form 1-4). Nancy and her family are thankful to those who have supported her education for the last three years which has allowed her the opportunity to finish form four. 

In Tanznaia it is customary at celebrations where cake is served for each participant to receive a piece of cake from the host or guest speaker. 

Nancy with some of her siblings. 

It is with great pleasure we announce that Lucas Costatin placed 9 out of 63 in his class and had three subjects with perfect marks of 100%. Naomi Patrick placed 16 out of 100 in her class. Way to go Naomi and Lucas! The other children also did really well, finishing with great marks. 

Sara and Abida's class at the end of 2015 school year 
All of the children are in school again for the 2016 school year. Classes started for most on the 11th of January. We are extremely grateful to those who have helped make this possible by sending donations and sponsorships for the fourteen children for 2016 school fees. - THANK YOU

Thank you does not say enough to Martha and her hard work, as always, making sure each child is enrolled into school and has everything they need to start the school year. This year was especially challenging with new regulations for each school, parent - teacher meetings to attend, to discuss changes laid out by the new government. - THANK YOU MARTHA

The schools are really "cracking down" on the children having their complete uniform, fully intact. Should the children arrive at school with holes or torn uniforms they will be sent home and are not able to return until it has been fixed. This year we have made sure that each child has two full sets of their uniform and a good pair of shoes. Martha has been running here and there fetching the "strong material" to have uniforms made, others purchased already made with the school colours. The uniform expenses have been covered from the fund, many thanks to those who have graciously extended their kindness to this great group of children. 

A few of the children have been stopping over to Martha's, very happy and proud of their new school uniform.

Abida with her new uniforms 
Athumani with his new "duds"

There are a variety of school colours, these being one of my favourite designs, representing the Tanzanian Flag.

Rudisha Foundation is continually in need of donations and sponsors. Without the funds and sponsorship we will have to tell these children they cannot attend school. This is not something we wish to do.  

The current situation - we have a few children who do not have yearly sponsors. We are searching for people who wish to make a difference and help these children continue their education, any amount is appreciated. Contact Amanda and ask how you can help provide a more hopeful life for children in Moshi, Tanzania.

In two weeks time I will be heading to Martha’s house in Moshi, to help host our annual gathering with all of the sponsorship children. I am excited to experience the changes that I see each year, as the children sprout up, the once 5 year olds aren't so “little” anymore. I love seeing the smiles on their faces as they are learning, growing and making the best of the opportunity given to them. 

Each year we like to mix up the gathering location and activities. This years theme will be “relay races”. I look forward to sharing photos of the gathering and the children. A special thanks to my parents, Margo and Sidney Strowbridge for the donation which will cover costs for the food and prizes (books) for the "relay races" at the Rudisha Foundation gathering. - THANK YOU

We would like to thank the following sponsors for the 2016 school year. 
  • Donna Brown & Stuart Ion 
  • Lois Tambourini & Zenon Szewczyk
  • Norma and Tom Isotamm 
  • Elmwood Brant  St. Johns & St. Peters Lutheran Parish 
  • John and Debbie Baer
  • Residents of Blue Waters Lake Campground
  • Mary and Ron Tally
  • Amy and Geordy Bennett
  • Megan Matheson Hamilton and Craig Hamilton 
  • Jennifer Mikus
  • Maureen Carswell & William MacKinnon
If you have donated in previous years (2013,2014,2015) we thank you for your contribution as well. Should you wish to make another donation or sponsorship towards future school years please contact Amanda

Moses, Martha and Amanda wish all fourteen of the children a year of hard work and continued success. We look forward to launching and sharing the new Rudisha Foundation website - coming soon! 

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