Monday, December 14, 2015

Circle of Life

Today we had a beautiful balloon flight over the Serengeti National Park. Our first animal sighting was the beautiful Bohor Reedbuck. It's not often that you see these beauties from the safari vehicle as they like to hide in the long grass. Floating above the land in the hot air balloon is the best way to spot the reedbuck. 

Next we saw a large family of elephants

Followed by hippos in and out of the water!

A cute family of Egyptian Geese...

As we floated along the river we noticed a few tan spots in the long grass, with binoculars (or my 300mm zoom lens) we were able to determine it was a small pride of lions on a kill. 

The closer we got it was easy to see that a giraffe had been taken down, by two male lions and two females. The males had already eaten (they always eat first) and were moving away for a rest, the two lionesses were enjoying their capture. 

As we approached the "kill" the winds slowed down, almost to a full stop (this rarely happens) and we were able to hover over the lions as they finished their breakfast. 

When "times are tough' lions will attempt to take down whatever they can to feed their families. Normally, lions do not attempt to kill a giraffe as one massive kick can kill a lion. Typically, when taking down a giraffe the males will help with the hunt, as a rule it is the females who do the hunting. 

As giraffes are bending way down (normally for a drink of water) this is when lions will try to take down the giraffe. In my four years of being in the "bush" I have not witnessed lions eating a giraffe. It was very magical to experience the circle of life at its best, and this rare sighting from the balloon. 

After the wonderful bush breakfast we came across more lions (17 in total), very close to our home! Lazing about on the soccer field. 

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