Tuesday, July 7, 2015

An outing with the children in Moshi

Each time I visit Moshi I make a point to either visit our sponsorship children at their schools and also try to have a gathering with all of them at Martha's house. At the end of April, just before we went to Canada for the month, I went to Moshi for a few nights to visit Martha, my mother-in-law. 

I wanted to change it up this year for the gathering with the children so Martha and Josephine (my sister-in-law who was also visiting Moshi) found nice place where the children could enjoy lunch and also play together. The Lutheran Uhuru Hotel was the prefect location as they had a nice menu, good prices and a playground area. 

I like to capture the moments of the children growing throughout the years and enjoy spending time with them. They are always excited to let me know how they are doing in school. Some bring their tests and reports for me to look over. As I'm learning more Kiswahili and the children are learning more English it makes communicating a lot easier then it was in 2012. 

As a thank you to those who donate and sponsor the children we take yearly photos of the children in Martha's beautiful garden for updates on child's page on the Rudisha Foundation website. Martha likes to decorate the garden with balloons for pictures so they blew up a few the night before. 

All 15 of the children (and one younger brother) met at Martha's house for pictures in the garden before we headed for lunch. They come dressed in their very best! There were 26 of us in total, including a few parents and guardians. Martha had to make a few trips from the house to the Uhuru Hotel. The children had fun piling in the 4Runner. 

I went with the first group of children and had fun playing on the swings and spinning around with them. It warmed my heart to see the smiles on their faces. Our youngest child in the program, Sarah, loved the swings and told her father she wanted one at her house! She's the little one in the pinks pants below. 

The children took turns playing on the tetter-totters, slides, swings and really enjoyed the round-about that went really fast!

While the children continued to play I organized the food with the manager of the hotel and got all the sodas ready to give out to the children. We ordered bbqed chicken, fries, pizza (which was a first for many), coleslaw and garden salad. This is not the typical African meals they are used to but they all really enjoyed every last bit!  

Josephine put a piece of chicken and two pieces of pizza on each plate and I served the children their food and made sure they each had the soda flavour they wanted. Martha then went around to make sure they all had salad, some fries and coleslaw.

Martha, Josey and I said a few words to encourage the children to keep up the great work in school and explained that we are looking for sponsors for their 2016 and years to come school fees, so then can continue with their education.

The parents also expressed their thanks and said prayers for those who have been generous enough to help their children attend school. 

Everyone with full tummies, we announced to the children they could go wash their hands and go play again, they ran off with excitement! 

 Martha and I with the manger of the hotel. He was happy to host the Rudisha FoundationThank you to the Lutheran Uhuru Hotel in Moshi, TZ for a lovely afternoon for a special occasion. 

When we host little gatherings like this for the children, Moses, Martha and I cover the costs out of our own pockets, not from the sponsorship fund. Each of these 15 children hold a very special place in each of our hearts. We are grateful to those who are also willing to help us make a difference in their lives.

If you would like to learn more about how to help I'd be happy to talk with you at a time that works best for you. 

Thanks again to those who help cover the costs of school fees for this fine group of children. The families are ever thankful and bless you with warm wishes.


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