Thursday, June 25, 2015

Serengeti Sunrises

People often ask me if ballooning gets boring for me as I've done it a few hundred times, the answer will always be no :) Leaving the house under the amazing starlit sky and enjoying the morning sunrise while searching for animals from the balloon are experiences I really look forward to. It's the most wonderful way to start the day! We are currently in the western corridor, flying along the Grumeti River. It's a beautiful way to see the area and something you do not want to miss when you safari in Tanzania. 


I have been trying to get a photo of the Black and White Colobus monkeys for a while, finally I was able to get one. A bit far away but they are so great at hiding in the trees...

Vulture getting ready to take flight. 

Water buck watching as we float along as though resting on a cloud. Flying in a Hot Air Balloon is such a peaceful experience. Many expect it to be turbulent like a fixed-wing aircraft, but this is not the case. You travel with the wind, which is a very gentle ride, it's like sailing the sky!

Family of impala

 Serengeti Balloon Safaris operates in 3 locations in the Serengeti National Park as well in the Grumeti Reserves. Learn more about a balloon safari over the African landscape and wildlife. 

Float at tree top level like a bird soaring along the river. 

King time....

Normally at this time of year the "Great Migration" is passing through the western corridor, however, this year they are not on their "typical" path. The crocs in the Grumeti River must be a bit disappointed by this, I would think! 

There are quite a few large herds of buffalo in the area...

Curious lions watching as we pass by, they had their eyes on the buffalo! 

Another great sunrise from the balloon in Serengeti National Park. 

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