Monday, December 15, 2014

Construction Zone

Today the Wire-tailed Swallows were busy building their new nest above my head while I was sitting outside on the back deck. Taking breaks from my work to capture videos of their artistic abilities, I thought about how many times these two birds have tried to build their nest on these beams. The last few nests they have attempted to build  have been ruined from the hard rains, they have a lot of patience and never give up.  I believe this time they have chosen an area that is more protected from the rain, hopefully they will get to enjoy their new home. Working together they are building what looks like a great nest.

Flying away to collect more mud, sticks and grass they will continue to work as a team.  While one is adding their collection to the nest the other is sitting on the wire below, waiting his turn to help with the construction or off getting more material. They seem to have a system for communicating what needs to be done next. I like to try and think about what they are saying to each other. It seems they have amped up the construction today, perhaps they will be having babies soon!?

 Wire-tailed Swallows are often found in pairs and, although common, never are found in vast numbers.  You can see these fast flyers while on safari in East Africa.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

This week in Serengeti

For the last month and a half I have been getting exercise by running around the soccer pitch just next to the balloon base. As I walk to the soccer field I'm always wondering what animals may join me while I run around. Most often the Marabou Storks are also on the field, standing with their wings fully open.  They do a lot of preening on the soccer pitch so it's great for my feather collection :)  

Today was a special trip to the soccer field as there were a few other animals who joined me. A large family of elephants have been hanging around the back yard for the last few days and as I headed towards the soccer pitch the elephants where there to greet me.  I just love watching the elephants interact with each other. They are so caring and sensitive, one of the reasons I resonate with them. It really does hurt me that so many elephants are being killed every day. When I look into the eye of an elephant all I feel is love. I spend a lot of time watching these strong yet gentle creatures and deeply wish with all of my heart that there is more I can do to stop the killing.  I can not imagine not being able to see elephants in the Serengeti National Park.  I have hope and faith that we humans can change the predicted future for these amazing animals. For those who are animals lovers I ask that you too send positive energy to all elephants in Africa.

Earlier this morning after the balloon flight, on the drive to the champagne toast, we saw a lion relaxing on top of the rock. The safari goers were commenting how much it reminded them of "Pride Rock".

There are a lot of young warthog around the park right now, they are pretty cute! 

Here are a few of my favourite photos from this weeks game drive around Seronera, Serengeti National Park.

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