Friday, November 28, 2014

Many Thanks, Asante sana from Rudisha Foundation

It always feels like "home" when I step off the plane to the welcoming smell and warm air of Tanzania.  When we arrived into Kilimanjaro the second of November Martha was waiting for us so we loaded our bags into the back of the 4runner and headed for Moshi. I was able to sleep a fair amount on the flight from Amsterdam and we had a transfer in Nairobi so I was  wide awake when we arrived Moshi, we stayed up chatting for a while on the front porch with Martha. I caught a few hours of sleep then got ready to go meet a new child that we are adding into the Rudisha Foundation Sponsorship program for the 2015 school year. 

Gidion Aminiel Njiro is 8 years old, he was born September 10, 2006. He is a bright young child and is very thankful to be added into the Rudisha Foundation Sponsorship program for 2015. Gidion’s parents were not going to be able to afford his school fee’s as their youngest daughter Loveness needed emergency surgery which put their family very behind for the upcoming year.  We are thankful for donations from Norma and Tom Isotamm which will allow Gidion the opportunity to continue with school. When visiting with Gidion, his sister Loveness and their mama Magreth we asked him what he wanted to do once he finishes school, his response was an accountant, he says he likes numbers.  Gidion and his family are so thankful to Norma and Tom for their donation, he can now continue his schooling at Shule ya Msingi Sango and will start grade two in January 2015. 

 Martha and Gidion at Shule ya Msingi Sango

Later the same day we had visits from a few other children in the sponsorship program. Athumani, Abida and Elizabeth live near Martha so they are able to visit often. When they arrived Martha gave them some fruit, a glass of water and some candies from the bag of Halloween treats I brought from Canada to leave at her house for the children.  

Athumani was keen to play a game on Moses's iPad, it was hard to get him to look away for the picture. 

The girls were in the living room playing with the dolls and taking pictures and videos on my camera and watching themselves on the video. Elizabeth brought her school work with her to show us all her great grades, she is very excited to be finished for the year with excellent marks. 

I love seeing the positive changes in each child every time we are able to visit with each other.  It makes me realize why it is so important to keep working to find people willing to sponsor these wonderful young souls. 

Now that the 2014 school year is over, all of the children are off for break and are awaiting the results of their final exams.  The children do not have a summer break like the North American school system so they have nice holiday from the end of November until school starts again the second week of Januaray. During the last few weeks Martha has been running around Moshi and surrounding areas, driving and walking up dusty, bumpy roads meeting with different families and children as well driving to each school (there are 12) to find out school fee’s for the 2015 school year. Keep following my blogs for more updates from the children in the Rudisha Foundation sponsorship program. New photos and updates on the children will also be added in the following weeks to our sponsorship page on 

Moses, Martha and I have many family and friends to thank. When we first thought about helping a child in Tanzania we had no idea our program would grow to this size, we owe that to family and friends.  

We would like to thank Lois Tamburrini and Donna Brown for spreading the word about Rudisha Foundation, we are grateful for your enthusiasm to talk to others about helping children who are unable to attend school in Moshi, Tanzania.  Also thank you to Donna Brown & Stuart Ion as well Lois Tambourini & Zenon Szewczyk for your donations for 2015 school fees.  As always we are very thankful for past and future donations that allows these (now 13 children) the opportunity to attend school. Thank you to Maureen Carswell & William MacKinnon for donations for 2015 school fees for Hasani and Ally Rashidi.  Also, thank you to Margo & Sidney Strowbridge for donations to send Rashidi to school for 2015, Heather Leadbetter for the continued sponsorship. Thank you to the Elmwood Breand St. Johns Lutheran Parish for continued donations towards school fees for 2015. Lastly, Moses and I can not say thank you enough to mama (Martha Msuya) for all the hard work she does getting the children registered for school each year.  None of this would be possible without Martha doing the running here, there and everywhere. Asante sana mama, tunashukuru sana.  

To learn how to help make a difference and help a child attend school you can contact Amanda at or make online donations on our sponsorship page.   

Now that I'm back to the "pole pole" lifestyle I will have more time to continue my blogging :)  Thanks to my readers for following my adventures in East Africa. Here's one of my favourite photos from this weeks game drive.