Sunday, August 3, 2014

Africa, through the eyes of children

What's more exciting than spending your summer holidays in the wild African bush of the Serengeti?  

I took a quick trip to Canada and back to pick up Lizzy and Marcus, my step children. They just love their visits to Tanzania! They love the carefree lifestyle and all of their animal friends in the Serengeti National Park. Lizzy and Marcus enjoy taking many photos while out on game drives or when hanging out in the the back yard.  They wanted to share some of their adventures with you! 

Waking up at 4:30am is never hard to do when there is a balloon ride with dad to look forward to!

Hanging out in the back yard you just never know what will come visit.  Lizzy and Marcus have quite a few "pets" to care for, including Mongoose, Hyena, Hyrax. They kept busy trying to keep the vervet monkeys and baboons away! The sunsets from the back yard are very beautiful!

While flying in the balloon in Kirawira they took note of the wooden bridge over the Grumeti River.  Of course we had to go check it out....

On our last day in Kirawira Lizzy got a photo of the hard to find Colobus Monkey, great shot Lizzy!

 Speke Bay Lodge on Lake Victoria was a cool stop in our adventure and a nice day with new friends. 

Lizzy and Marcus brought some of their old toys, books and clothes to give away to children in the Serengeti.  The items were really appreciated and the children had fun playing together...

Afternoon game drives...

The kids love getting right in the middle of the action!!

Great shot of the lion cubs, by Marcus! 

More game drives and balloon rides...

Until next summer, Lizzy and Marcus say good-bye to their friends of the Serengeti! 

Kwa Heri! 
(Photo's taken by Lizzy and Marcus Msuya)

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