Saturday, April 12, 2014

Great Migration - on the move

This morning we went for a little game drive which had us surrounded by thousands of wildebeest. The Wildebeest are moving north from Ndutu towards central east Serengeti. I love being able to follow them as they move about the various plains in the Serengeti. 

The calves are getting larger now as they head towards the west part of the Serengeti and onward to the Mara River, where they eventually will cross into the Maasai Mara - if they make it! The calves suckle from their mama until they are at least 4 months old.

Typically the calves stay by their mothers side until the next calf is born.  Between 300,000 to 400,000 calves are born each February. 

The Zebra also enjoy the migration with the Wildebeest and several other hoofed animals tag along as well. These beautiful Hartebeests were enjoying the Saturday afternoon with the herds of Wildebeest.

Just after the large herds of Wildebeest we came across a beautiful lion having a nap in the acacia tree. I just love how relaxed she is. 

Before making our way back to the house we finished off the game drive by driving around the river.  I never get tired of seeing the young hippos with their mamas. 

I also captured a few videos from today's game drive that I've posted on our YouTube Channel.  

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