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Travelling Yogis do Tanzania and Zanzibar

If you and your friends are looking for an adventure of a life time this summer then you'll want to check out
what Tomomi Kojima is hosting this August, 2014 in Tanzania, East Africa. Tomomi is a registered yoga teacher at a 500hr level and travels around the world teaching her fire of playful creativity with her insights and enthusiasm to students and yoga teachers through her vinyasa classes. She loves and lives for the moments of change, shifts and possibilities that are characteristic of this style of yoga. She incorporates all creative methods throughout this journey in Tanzania and Zanzibar to help explore your inner fire for life.

The adventure will begin in Moshi, Tanzania where Tomomi, Nelson Mushi (owner of Summit Odyssey Climbing Company) and 20 yogis will climb Mt. Kilmanjaro via the Marangu route.

Nelson with his last group of climbers

Show up with your intentions and personal goals to reach the Summit, "Uhuru Peak" which translates from Kiswahili to English as Freedom Peak. Standing on the "roof top of Africa" is a life changing moment. 

Tomomi will be holding Vinyasa Yoga sessions throughout the entire retreat, climb and all! Your health and safety will be the main priority during the climb therefore Nelson and his team of professional guides and porters will monitor each climber closely to ensure that any signs of altitude sickness are caught right away. 
 Nelson and climbing friends atop Uhuru Peak

As you climb Mt. Kilimanjaro you will be challenged and tested however you do not require formal mountain climbing experience to conquer Mt. Kilimanjaro.  People of all ages have made the summit. (My mother-in-law did it at 58)! One key to reaching the summit is understanding what your porters and guides mean when they say "pole pole" which is slowly in English. This is a phrase that you will hear over and over, for the entire climb. During the climb you will be accommodated in the A frame huts along the Marangu routes. You can view the full climbing itinerary on our yogi itinerary

Each evening Tomomi will lead sessions of personal reflection and will inspire you to be willing to learn how you can create space in your day- to- day life. You will also have the opportunity to revisit your intentions and discuss what may have came up as a challenge during your day.  

Following the climb, the Traveling Yogis will start the next part of the adventure and head out on a four night camping safari. First stop on the itinerary is Tarangire National Park, then to Ngorongoro Crater and the Mighty Serengeti. Camping in the National Parks gives each traveler such a close connection with mother nature. For more details visit the full page ITINERARY.  

Search for the African wildlife, this is an amazing experience, you just never know what is around the next it a tembo (elephant) or a twiga (giraffe) or simba (lion), the excitement is never ending during your game drives through the National Parks.  

It is highly recommended that you secure your space for this retreat before May 15th, 2014. As August is a busy time in Tanzania it is necessary to secure space on the Marangu route and bookings with Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park must be completed a few months in advance to secure accommodation. Another advantage of booking before May is that your airfare will be lower. Do not worry about where you will find the best rate for airfare. I am here to look after all arrangements for you. No matter where in the world you may be joining the two week yoga adventure from, I have access to the best possible rates. 

Camp in the Serengeti under the amazing starlit sky, dance, sing, explore...what ever your heart desires

Half Moon Pose ~ Downward dog ~ Eagle ~ Mountain Pose and so much more along this amazing journey with Tomomi Kojima.

After the Traveling Yogis climb and safari adventure there  is more fun to be had. Tomomi and the yogis will hop on the bush plane to the ancient island of Zanzibar. The unwinding process can begin or not begin, that's up to you and how adventuresome you choose to be ~ this it a journey of self so do as you wish.  Swimming or snorkeling in the Indian Ocean, boat rides to the near by islands and beautiful sunsets are some of the ways you may choose to occupy your time.  Explore Zanzibar during the day or sit on the beach and journal your experience, there are no rules other than having fun on this Traveling Yogis retreat.  Evening yoga classes will be held in the sand with new friends during the three nights in Zanzibar. 

To learn more about the full itinerary please visit TemboTours Traveling Yogis page and contact Amanda Strowbridge at 

To see more photos of Zanzibar check out the video I created during my last trip to the island....VIDEO OF ZANZIBAR.  

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