Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Moshi and the Rudisha Foundation Party

On January 9th Martha, Moses and I hosted a party for the children in our sponsorship program, Rudisha Foundation.  It was such a wonderful experience, one that will never leave my mind and I'm sure one that the twelve children will never forget.

The children were invited to a party at Martha's house, to celebrate their hard work for 2013 and to also welcome in the New Year and wish them success for 2014.  All of the children did very well in class and passed their grade.  I was very proud to learn that Julieth had placed 3rd out of 37 in her class, her hard work and determination to "catch up" paid off.

Martha, Moses and I are most thankful and very excited that for the school year 2014 we now have 12 children that are being sponsored in our Rudisha Foundation sponsorship program.  We are able to make this possible from donations and sponsorship from friends and family in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Ontario and Capri, Italy. THANK YOU!

The morning of the party Martha and I walked to the market for the food we needed for the party. Fresh beef from the butcher, then to the fruit and veggies stands for pineapple and banana, watermelon, carrots, potatoes and cucumbers, avocado, spinach, a kilo of rice for the pilau and some peanuts. We had our baskets full for the walk home. On the way home we stopped by a duka (store) to pick up the new school supplies for the 2014 school year.  A thank you to my cousin Riley for his donation which allowed us to get them ready for school and buy; notebooks, rulers, pencils with sharpeners, erasers, colored pencils, pens and a toothbrush and toothpaste.

All twelve of the children arrived in time for lunch, an afternoon of playing and then we had a surprise for them. They each received a gift bag of books, puzzles, clothes and new supplies for the 2014 school year. After opening the gifts they played with their new presents and then we took pictures outside in Martha's beautiful garden. For dinner we all enjoyed  Pilau and cake and ice cream for dessert.

The children relaxed with their full tummies and played a bit more and watched a movie on TV. They just loved playing the games on my iPad.  I was very impressed how they all took turns sharing and passing it around for everyone to take their turn.  For many of the children this was the first time meeting and for all it was the first time they had experienced a slumber party of this type. A fantastic time was had by all! It was so special to me, to get to know each child better and see how their opportunity to attend school has made such a positive change in their lives, in just one year.  I hope you enjoy a few photos of the children enjoying the party; Ali, Hasani Rashidi, Athumani and Abida, Noel and Joshua, Nancy and Joel, Elizabeth, Julieth and Lucas.

Zanzibar Pizza and Veggies for lunch

Making new friends and coloring 
Noel, Elizabeth and Julieth

Play time 
Noel, Ali, Joshua, Athumani, Abida 

Having lots of fun.....
Joel, Rashidi, Nancy

.....and lots of smiles


Helping little Ali with the racing game
Hasani, Nancy, Ali, Joel, Rashidi 

She loves this dolly

Picture time in the garden, it took a bit of organizing...

Then it was time for the surprise gift bags, they were  ALL thrilled.....

Gifts all the way from Harbour Breton, NFLD

Then it was time for dinner and dessert....

It was a special, fun time for all!

After dinner we started to get the little ones ready for bed.  The older kids asked to have showers before bed, they stayed up as late as they could playing on my iPad. Lucas wanted to go to bed with the view finder, he just loved looking at the pictures on the slides. In the morning Martha was up early and bathed all of the little ones in the big blue washtub. We all enjoyed a nice breakfast of fresh fruit, fresh mandazis and African Chai before they headed back to their homes. 

Snuggled in for the night...

In bed but not so sleepy...
Athumani and Lucas

Breakfast time...

I want to thank Martha once again for all of the hard work that she does to ensure that all of these children are enrolled into great schools. She does all of the running around to the different schools, some are located up the most dusty and bumpy roads you can imagine. Also once again, thank you to those who have donated so these children are able to attend school.  I started this program with the intention of being able to help two children and it has grown into something much more than that. I pray that we will be able to continue this for many years with your new or continued support. The funds cover costs such as; school fees, food at school, uniform and books and school supplies.

To learn more about how to help us continue their education for years to come you may contact me via email, Facebook, Skype, Twitter or the old fashion way works as well, phone that is!  We are always most thankful for those who are able to give a little to help make a BIG DIFFERENCE. You can also visit our sponsorship page to learn more.   All 12 of the children are now in school for 2014, classes started on January 13th, 2014. - Thank you!

Contact Amanda by email -  or on Facebook and Twitter 
Phone 011. 255. 686. 107. 614 or  902.764.2225  or amanda.strowbridge on Skype

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