Monday, December 23, 2013

Wrapping up 2013 - Rudisha Foundation updates!

I had intended to write this blog a lot sooner however time slipped away from me this fall during our visit home with family and friends. I am excited to share some new projects we are working on for our child sponsorship program, the Rudisha Foundation. 

When I had met with the head master at the Langoni Primary School early this year he had asked me if I had access to a computer that could be donated to the school. He expressed that the school was looking to incorporate computer classes to the curriculum. I let him know I would try my best to help their school. After my visit at Langoni Primary school I was inspired to update my Facebook status, to put the word out that I was looking for any old computers that could be very useful in a small school in Moshi, Tanzania. Before the end of the day I had a friend send a message of great news, she believed she may have access to a computer that she could donate, I was so happy! Many thanks to Megan Matheson Hamilton for making this new project possible.

Donation from Dance Nova Scotia. In photo: Drew Moore, President and Megan Matheson Hamilton, Executive Director.

Technical services donated by John Benson, Eaglez Consulting.

A few days later I received a message from my cousin who said that his work was getting rid of some old laptops, he was wondering if we could use them. Of course my answer was yes! He had a total of 14 laptops for the Rudisha Foundation. We would like to thank my cousin Jim and the “G” Division RCMP in Northwest Territories for their kind generosity.

My intention for this project is to create a computer lab in each school that our sponsorship children attend. Pole pole we will start with one school and then move on to the next.

When Moses and I were visiting Martha in Moshi a few weeks ago we had lovely visits from some of our sponsorship children. We met Athumani Juma for the first time. He is one of the two new children we have added to the sponsorship program this winter. Athumani is full of spunk and is a smart character, he enjoyed drawing on my iPad and caught on very quickly, he loves playing hill climb racing! Below is Athumani, his sister Abida and their auntie Asha. We would like to thank the Elmwood St. Johns Luthern Parish for sponsoring Athumani for 2014.

                                          Martha and Abida

Elizabeth stopped over to show us her work books and her kindergarten final exam. She has passed and will be moving on to her second year at Moshi Catholic Day Care Centre. Congratulations Elizabeth!

Elizabeth is always up for new photos in Martha's beautiful garden.

Nancy and Joel also stopped over for a short visit, to let us know that they are waiting on the marks from their final exams and that they will have the results in a few weeks. We took this opportunity to share with them letters that were written by students in Cambridge, Nova Scotia. I should back track a bit and explain how these letters came to be.....

During my visit to Nova Scotia in November I was asked to speak to the children at my sisters school, Cambridge Elementary. As part of their "Me to We Initiative" they invited me to their school for a morning so I could share stories of my experiences living in East Africa and connect the students with new friends in Moshi, Tanzania. The "Me to We Initiative" is a program that was started by Craig and Marc Kielburger from Thornill, Ontario. It's a wonderful program that helps children all over the world.

It was such a pleasure to teach the children what we have been doing with Rudisha Foundation - giving children their age an opportunity to attend school.

The children at Cambridge Elementary School were excited to learn that they would be able to write to our sponsorship program children and have their letters hand delivered. They were even more excited when I let them know that I would have our sponsorship children respond to their letters.

56 children from Cambridge Elementary gave up their lunch hour to write letters to Joel and Nancy, Ally, Hasani and Rashidi, Julianna, Lucas, Noel and Elizabeth. While Moses took photos, Martha and I sat with Nancy and Joel as they read some of their letters.

In January I will be going to Moshi to meet with all of the children. Martha and I will have a graduation party for them, to celebrate their hard work for the 2013 school year. They will bring their report cards and we will find out if they have passed. I am very confident that they ALL have done very well! We will hand out the rest of the letters to the children, some of the younger ones will need help with responding to their new friends in Nova Scotia.

During my visit to Moshi I will also be taking one of the laptops to Langoni Primary school where I will volunteer my time, teaching their teachers how to use the computers and how to conduct a computer class. I'm looking forward to my visit in he new year.

Keep following along for more updates and news from Rudisha Foundation. We are so excited for the year ahead. To help these children is a blessing which I am most thankful for each and every day.

We could not finish with out saying THANK YOU to family and friends near and far, who gave donations to help us start this program and for those who donated in 2013 for the 2014 school year. It means so much to us that you choose to help us make a difference in the world.

Should you wish to sponsor a child so their education may continue until they finish high school you can donate to Rudisha Foundation or contact me via email to learn more about the child’s situation and needs.

Merry Christmas from the Serengeti - Amanda and Moses