Thursday, May 2, 2013

Lucas & Rashidi

I did not have a chance to visit Lucas and Rashidi during my visit to Moshi for the school visits so Martha visited the schools after I had left for Kilifi, Kenya. 

Martha recently sent along her photos of both visits, for me to share with you. Thank you once again to those who are responsible for funding the children and making it possible for them to attend school for the year 2013. 

Lucas Costatin, brother to Julianna, was born on February 9th 2007.  Both Lucas and Juillanna's parents are deceased and the children live in separate homes, with family members. Their guardians were unable to pay for school fees.  Thanks to kind donations Lucas is now attending KKKT Dayosisi Primary School. 

Martha and Josie went to visit Lucas at his school, they had a great time on the swings!

Lucas gave Marth and Josie a tour of his school.

   Lucas showed them his workbooks with his good grades.

The last of the school visits was to Rashidi's school. Rashidi Ramathani Rashidi was born on January 4th, 1998.  He is now attending Mjimpya Secondary School, thanks to donations from the Whalen family in Nova Scotia. Many thanks to Andrea, Victor, Drew and Madison. Rashidi and his family are very grateful for the funds which now allow their son to attend school. Martha shared a few words from her visit, I am happy to share with you. 

I walked down to the school Mjimpya and found Rashidi and his mother standing out on the road to meet me.  Too slippery to take the truck down that road.  It was at least 2 kms each way- fun indeed under the umbrella. We had to walk around the outside road of the school to find and opening that wasnt muddy to get into the school yard.

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