Thursday, February 21, 2013

Warm Thanks from the children of Moshi

It was such a wonderful treat to receive cards and letters of thanks from the children who we and many of our friends and family have opened their hearts to and sponsored for school. The children are most thankful and grateful for the funds that have given them a life changing opportunity.  To those who donated funds or to those who plan to donate funds in the future, asante sana (thank you very much).  Below are gifts of thanks from the children to those who have donated towards the Rudisha Fund.

Nancy Elisant Mmary sent a home-made envelope with her letter and card.  As her envelope is written in Kiswahili we have translated for you. 

"God, he will bless you so much and he will bring you more peace. From the sponsors I love."

Her letter contained...


I hope you fine.  Also I'm ok. I would want to say thanks for sponsor which to support especialy in education.  I pray to god every day in order you to success in your life. 
I promise you I study hard in my all subjects in order pass and not let you down.

Thanks. Its your beloved daughter. Nancy. 

Joel Elisant Mmary shares his words of thanks.  Once again we've translated as he has expressed his gratitude in Kiswahili.

To My Sponsors,

I hope you're full of health, me too.  I want to give out my grateful thanks for paying my fees.  I promise you I will learn hard to prosper well.

Thank you
Joel Mmary

Noel Leonard Lema also wished to express his gratitude, as he has just started kindergarten his mother has shared her thanks on his behalf.

Their letter reads:

Dear Friends of mine.  I would like to greet you in the name of Jesus.  I am saying hello together with my family.  I am grateful for the gift you have given.  I am saying God will bless you so much and I would like to give you a quote from the Bible. 

Proverbs 3:3
Never let Loyalty and kindness leave you. Time them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart.

Also, I would like to say these words. God he will bless you and add to you and god he will bring you Peace & Love.  I don't have much to say.  I am grateful from all my heart.  Amen.

I am very excited about my upcoming trip to Moshi so I can meet the children and their families, visit their schools and learn how they are progressing.  As always I pray for future funds so their education will continue in the years to come.  For more details on all of the children please visit

~Blessings and love from Amanda, Moses, Martha and all of the children and their families. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tranquil Kenya

The East African Coastline is one of my favorite destinations in the world.  I had the pleasure of dipping my toes in the Indian Ocean for the first time back in November.  We had visited Kilifi which is a small fishing village one hour and a half north of Mombasa and one hour south of Malindi.  Simplicity is a way of life along the coast, many of the locals making a living from the sea.  Kilifi very much reminded me of my home town, which once thrived from treasures from the great big ocean.  The warm turquoise waters of Kilifi stay at a temperature of 26 degrees year round.  The water is swimable at both high and low tides. 

Getting around Kilifi is easy with the local taxi service, or my personal favorite way of getting around is in a TukTuk. 

Kilifi Bay is quiet and peaceful destination, take a stroll through the downtown where you can buy African art and enjoy a local dish.  Dhow Cruises are very popular type of boat tour in Kilifi.  A Dhow is a traditional sailing vessel; their long, thin hull is primarily used to carry heavy items such as fruit fresh, merchandise or fresh water along the East African Coast.  Moonlight Dhow Cruises, Full-day Dhow Trips can be arranged from Kilifi.

For those looking for water activities Kilifi is a great choice, you can hire a yacht or tender your own catamaran. Do not leave Kilifi Bay without enjoying lunch at the Kilifi Bay Yacht Club, the seafood is so fresh! We ate there a few times, the crab salad, pasta prawns, calamari and grilled fish are great choices.

During our stay in Kilifi we took a cruise along the creek where the mango trees grow, this was included in our stay at Kilifi Bay Beach Resort.   The resorts boat the “Baobella” departs daily on scenic excursions through Kilifi Creek.

Kilifi Bay Beach Resort is a great choice for accommodations during your stay.  Free daily massages were one of the highlights of my stay, along with kayaking with the dolphin’s right from our beach!  The resort has two pools, offers kayaking, snorkeling and is the only hotel on this beautiful stretch of beach, guests can be sure of total peace and quiet.   Take a look inside the all-inclusive resort, Kilifi Bay Beach Resort.

On March 8th I will be traveling for the first time to the coast of Tanzania.  The spice island of Zanzibar is calling my name. Learning the history and culture of this ancient island will occupy my time for six nights. The first two nights I’ll spend at the Zenji Hotel in Stone Town followed by three nights on the South East Coast in Jambiani at the Red Monkey Beach Lodge.  The last night I’m leaving open and will decide as I go! I am looking forward to visiting the Anglican Cathedral which was built on the site of the former slave market, yoga on the beach and renting a bicycle to travel along the fishing villages and shoreline.  Who knows maybe I’ll even attempt kite surfing!  Keep following along for more stories and adventures along the beautiful East African Coastline.