Sunday, January 22, 2012

Staying grounded during flight

So many times I've watched the anxiety grow as people make their way to the airport, wait in lines and get closer to the gate.

You may feel the shift in energy as you're moving through security, the fears of many buzzing around. Will they set off the magnetic wand and be pulled aside for a thorough pat down? Or did they forget to take out that bottle of water from their knapsack? Oh, and be sure and watch for that small jackknife you forgot about on your keychain at the bottom of your bag; you just may be going back through the line to mail it to yourself- unless you're prepared to say good bye to it and be pulled over for extra careful screening of your items.

I often ask myself why so many people are nervous going through the security check point. You have nothing to hide, or do you? It is done for your safety; not to annoy you with lines, or make you feel like a criminal, just simple requests to ensure everyone getting on these magnificent metal flying tubes will be safe and sound.

Then you’ll notice as the pacers start, wondering when will they start pre-boarding or did they make that call when I ran to the lou? Do we have time to make it to Tim's with that line up? Or for that overpriced sandwich and apple at the shop ten gates away?

Then my favorite: as the agent makes the first boarding call, “all passengers requiring assistance or those with small children may now board the aircraft” and BAM! A massive eruption as everyone jumps to their feet to start the lineup, knowing they will only have to stand and wait five more minutes before it’s their turn, (they will likely whine and sigh about it) further causing their own anxieties.

Throughout my many travels I have sat in airports and watched other travelers with anxiety. I often wished I could help them with their fears; help them be calm and enjoy their travels. I'd like to help them realize that they need not be rude to the flight attendant, who is simply trying to service their needs. And the little old man who bumped into you, was just trying to find his seat.

The fear of flying, which is known to many, is certainly unknown to me. My favorite part of traveling is soaring through the air. It's the take-off and landing that excite me. To feel the power of the plane that will safely and quickly get me to my destination- that is the thrill. I sit and watch the view from my lovely window seat and I am thankful for my lack of fear and my faith in the wise pilots who get me where I'm going with ease and care. I wonder to myself, what is it that makes one so scared of this part of the journey?
If you are looking for a WAY that will help with your fears of flying, I am happy to work with you and share some tricks that will help you remain grounded during your flight.  Also, a gentle session working with the language of Geotran will assist you in learning what may be preventing you from enjoying this part of your travels.

While miles may keep us apart we have the blessing of technology that will allow me to share some of my tools via SKYPE video chat, or you may find me in Nova Scotia when I'm not off sharing my love for travel. I am always just an email away at Assisting my clients to ensure their travel plans are as smooth and relaxing as possible is very important to me.

As I start my week countdown for my flight overseas, I am exctied to think about the wonderful people I will meet along my 6900 mile journey.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


     A few sore arms later, with just two more to go, it's definitely worth it! Living in Tarangire National Park for five weeks is worth any amount of shots to me! Being at home to the largest herds of elephants in the world and having a birds eye view from the balloon, does it get any better than that? My excitement builds as I realize in just two weeks I will finally have my first glimpse of the "Big 5" and many more joys of Africa!
    I hope you will enjoy my way of sharing this beautiful world and hope that you are inspired to follow your heart to where ever it may lead you. Our time here on this amazing planet is short, so make the best of it and do it with love! My adventure leads me to Balloon Camp in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. I will be sharing my love for nature at it's finest with these extraordinary animals and the local tribes of Tanzania on my first of many, trips to Africa!
    If you're thinking of taking a trip over, be sure you check with your local travel clinic to ensure you have all the immunizations you require! Check out the government website for more information!