Thursday, March 31, 2016

Updated Arrival Requirements for Kenya related to Yellow Fever

New updates as of 23 March 2016

The Ministry of Public Health & Sanitation – Kenya has advised that passengers arriving from the following countries listed below are required to present a valid vaccination certificate against yellow fever whenever entering Kenya.

  1. Angola
  2. Benin
  3. Boliva
  4. Brazil
  5. Burkina Faso
  6. Burundi
  7. Cameroon 
  8. Central African Republic
  9. Chad
  10. Colombia 
  11. Congo
  12. Cote De’Voire
  13. Ecuador
  14. Equatorial Guinea
  15. Ethiopia
  16. French Guyana
  17. Gabon
  18. Gambia
  19. Guinea Bissau
  20. Guyana
  21. Ghana
  22. Liberia
  23. Mali
  24. Mauritania
  25. Niger
  26. Nigeria
  27. Panama
  28. Paraguay
  29. Peru
  30. Senegal
  31. Somalia
  32. Sudan
  33. Sao Tome and Principe
  34. Sierra Leone
  35. Suriname
  36. Togo
  37. Trinidad and Tobago
  38. Uganda
  39. United Republic of Tanzania
  40. Venezuela
  41. Rwanda

The above countries include all countries in the West Africa, Central and East Africa and South America.

Arriving passengers (terminating into Kenya) shall be required to hold valid Yellow fever certificates.

Passengers in transit will not be checked for compliance with the certification. However, those who are entering Kenya shall be required to hold a valid certificate of vaccination against Yellow fever.

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